Tick Control

Ticks belong in the Family Ixodidae and will often range in color based on their species. The average size of a tick is 1 cm long for a mature tick and larvae less than 1 mm long. Lodi experiences a number of usual tick types including the American dog tick and the deer tick.

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If ticks are invading our yard or property call our tick control Lodi specialists at (209) 379-4289.

The environment of your house will likely depict any prospective tick challenges; it’s more common to discover them infiltrating your lawn and buildings near thick wooded areas or considerably vegetated regions. A number of tick types are not able to live with out moisture content and both males and females require the blood of birds, mammals and reptiles for their meal source.

The life-cycle of ticks contains 4 different stages. The eggs, larvae, nymph and adult. While in the larvae phase they have 6 legs and through the remaining 2 phases they have eight legs. Each and every stage requires blood for meals. Ticks can potentially cause ailments and be given to a host or the infected animal.

Indications You Have a Tick Infestation

You’ll know if ticks are infiltrating your home once you start noticing them. People who have household pets tend to be at higher risk for a tick infestation. In some cases people who have tick bites may possibly endure substantial unwanted effects which can be addressed by a medical professional.

Call (209) 379-4289 immediately if you’re seeing ticks in or outside your house and get more information concerning our tick control treatments whenever you talk to one of our representatives.

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