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Mosquitoes can be a very annoying pest but we can help! Call (209) 379-4289 to learn more!

You might already know this, but mosquitoes are the source of more human fatalities than any other animal or insect. If you join this with the fact that the types of mosquitoes found in Lodi are better adjusting to breeding in urban areas then you can understand why we’re concerned.

Even though pest professionals can decrease the number of mosquitoes inside of a specific area, they are not able to completely remove the threat of mosquitoes. Our Lodi mosquito control pros make it their goal to lower the mosquitoes in your vicinity by 70-80%. We understand that our clients would like to eliminate their mosquito problems entirely, but that’s simply not something that a pest control company can do.

Once you opt to call one of our Lodi mosquito control professionals we’ll come out to inspect your property, including the areas you notice them the most.  This allows us to work to identify the type of mosquito and the source.

If you have been recently attacked by mosquitoes then get in touch with our mosquito control Lodi experts without delay at (209) 379-4289.

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